Code Of Death
Please register on the Code Of Death Forum so this way we can get to know you better... We would like you to post on here to let us know who you are and the fact that we can Promote you in the game... Also feel free to know that this is a very family oriented guild to the point where we have very low drama... Do you want to join the Dark Side???

We are the one the only when it comes to just wanting to game or just want to have fun with new friends and also very oriented to making new ideas come to life... Are you ready to join the dark side?
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 Welcome all to the Code Of Death

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PostSubject: Welcome all to the Code Of Death   Tue Aug 02, 2011 6:33 pm

Okay... I would like to acknowledge that there has been some issues with our regular members that there not getting responses on the game and being ignored... I would like y'all to treat everybody with respect and acknowledge that they are a part of this Community and that they are as equal as the rest of us... Please say hello or see if they are wanting help or even just want somebody to talk to... I want this to be a family Based Guild that we can have fun and always doing it with friends and family...

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Welcome all to the Code Of Death
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