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Please register on the Code Of Death Forum so this way we can get to know you better... We would like you to post on here to let us know who you are and the fact that we can Promote you in the game... Also feel free to know that this is a very family oriented guild to the point where we have very low drama... Do you want to join the Dark Side???

We are the one the only when it comes to just wanting to game or just want to have fun with new friends and also very oriented to making new ideas come to life... Are you ready to join the dark side?
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 Brandon for Veteran

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Should Brandon move up?
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PostSubject: Brandon for Veteran   Tue Nov 15, 2011 4:18 pm

hey guys its nim, a.k.a. Brandon. ive been a member for about 6 months now and i feel as if i should be promoted further up into the ranks of this guild. ive been able to recruit and get members onto the forms. i can problem solve and ive been fair to every and all members. im constantly on LOTRO playing and haveing fun with the game and haveing fun wuth the new members. being promoted further up into the ranks will make my passion for the guild grow and i wish to become one step closer to senior capt.

as always thanks to everyone for allowing me to be apart of this guild and always have fun
NIM, Brandon
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Brandon for Veteran
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